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We, 10MS Limited, incorporated under the Bangladeshi Companies Act (Act XVIII), of 1994 (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), with the incorporation number C162578 / 2020, is committed to safeguarding your privacy in relation to the protection of your personal information. To guarantee our ability to access your services, we may obtain and sometimes share your information. In order to further safeguard your privacy, we give this notice that details our information practices and the options you have when it comes to the collection and use of your information. In order to ensure that all users of the website, https://10minuteschool.com/ (henceforth "the website") and the "10 Minute School application" (henceforth "the Application") are aware of the privacy policy that governs the use of the website and the application, we advise you to read the Privacy Policy and accept the terms and conditions contained herein by logging into the website or application. You must agree to our Privacy Policy, which covers the collecting and use of your personal information, or you are not permitted to use the Website or App. You can contact our Customer Support if you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy at support@10minuteschool.com.


“We”, “Our”, and “Us” - Refers to the creators of this privacy policy. “You”, “Your”, “Yourself” and “User” - Refers to natural and legal individuals who use the Website. “Website” - Refers to the official website of 10 Minute School created by 10MS Limited “App” - Refers to 10 Minute School app created by 10MS Limited “Personal Information” - Refers to any personally identifiable information that We may collect from You. “Third Parties” - Refers to any website, company or individual apart from the user and the creator of the Website.


We take the responsibility to respect your private information online. We further acknowledge the need to preserve and handle the information you share with us that is identifiable personally ("personal information"). Information which we regard as personal about you includes but is not confined to your name, address, e-mail address, phone number or other contact details. You must provide the following information, but it is not limited to: phone number; bank information; date of birth; class, school, subjects and syllabus; e-mail address in order to buy a product from our website or application. This Privacy Policy also applies to data collected from users who are not recorded as members, including but not limited to surfing behavior, pages viewed etc. In addition, the Website and App requests permits to link your 10 Minute School Account to your Social Account, and if you have provided permission to link the Accounts, the information shall be gathered straight from your social media account.

3. User Provided Information

The Application/Website/Services/Products obtains the information you provide when you download and register for the Application or Services or products. When you register with us, you generally provide (a) your name, age, e-mail address, address, phone number, password and educational interests of your ward; (b) transaction-related information such as when making purchases, responding to offers or downloading or using applications from us; (c) information you provide us when you contact us for help; (d) information you enter into our system when using the Application/Services/Products, such as while asking doubts, participating in discussions and taking tests. This information shall be regarded as ‘Personal Information’. In order to give you the service, important information, the required notifications and marketing promotions, we can use the Information from time to time. We will ask you if we need additional information that will identify you personally (personal information). We will not differentiate between those who use the device to access the request, site or services or products, provided that the credentials match your login/access credentials. It is essential that you have logged into it using your own credentials to make full use of the app/website/services/products and to enable your information to be accurately captured in the application/website/services/products.

4. Automatically Collected Information

In addition, the app/products/devices can automatically collect certain data, including, but not limited to, the mobile device types that you use, your mobile device unique device ID, your mobile operating device IP address, your mobile browser type and the use of the application/services/products information. We collect other relevant information according to the authorisations you give as is the case for most mobile applications. For payment of products and services, we use an outside credit card processing and payment gateway company. For any other purpose, these companies do not retain, share, store or use personal information.


We will determine the purpose of collecting the information before or when personal information is collected. Unless we have the consent or legal requirements of the appropriate personnel, we only collect and use personal data for the purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes. For these purposes, we will only retain personal information for as long as is necessary. With the knowledge or consent of the appropriate personnel, we collect personal information in a lawful and fair manner as appropriate. Personal data shall be appropriate to the purposes for which it is used and shall, to the extent needed for those purposes, be accurate, complete and updated.


On certain pages of our website and applications, we use data collection devices such as "cookies." "Cookies" are small files on your hard disk that help us to deliver customized services. We also offer certain functionalities that can be used only by using cookies. Cookies can also assist us in providing your interests-oriented information. Cookies may be used to identify users that have been registered or logged in. Through your visit to this web page, third party providers may use cookies to serve ads, including Google.com ("Google"). You can visit the third-party website and choose not to use cookies for interest-based advertisements if a third party provides such options. By visiting "Add Settings," you can opt out for the receipt of DoubleClick cookies for Google and its partners. (Alternatively, by visiting aboutads.info), you can instruct users to opt out of the use of cookies by third party providers for interessional advertising). You can opt out here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/ by downloading and installing the optout plugin for Google Analytics.


Hyperlinks to other websites, content or resources may be included on this Website. No website or resources supplied by companies or individuals other than ourselves are under our control. You recognize and agree that we cannot be liable for the access to any external website, resource or other material on or off such external websites or resources and do not endorse any such website or resource or other material. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the availability of such external websites or resources. Those providers of third-party services and websites may have their own privacy policy, which may affect the storage and retention of your personal data. We encourage you to review the website's privacy policy for protecting your personal information when visiting a third-party website. When you visit this website, we use third-party advertising companies.


Your contact details will be used as necessary to contact you. We diagnose problems with our servers by using your IP address and manage our website and applications. You can also identify and gather wide demographic information with IP addresses. Finally, with your IP address, we can help protect you against partnerships and fraud. With the availability of new technology, we will improve security. You will send us information about you, if we recover or merge in another company. In this case, before you transfer the information and receive different privacy policies, you will be notified via e-mail or by putting prominent notices on the site. We may disclose your personal information to the third party in order to comply with the court directives and similar law treatments, or to think that it needs the necessary sincerity to comply with the law and avoid impending physical damage or loss of money. Alternatively, investigate or take measures in connection with illegal actions, suspected fraud or violation of the terms and conditions of use. In accordance with our copyright policy, in conformity with our copyright policy, we may disclose personally identifiable information. You can disclose your name, address, country, telephone number, email address and name of your business.